ACM was set up in 1979 on the basis of an idea by Tiziano Ascari, its current director and chairman, as a small artisan business.
Right from the beginning, ACM has always been geared to the foreign market, in particular Europe and America. It is a window onto the world ready to take up the challenge of globalisation and measure up to the emerging markets, implementing a process of ongoing innovation and expansion which has made it a leader in the woodworking machinery sector both in Italy, Europe and worldwide.

At its factory in Novellara it has gradually consolidated its experience in the production of woodworking machinery, in particular traditional band saws but also edge sanding machines and special band saws, developed via in-house studies or by cooperation and in some cases covered by patents.
Because design and production are carried out within the company, special customer needs can always be catered for, in the majority of cases involving product customisation or adaptation resulting in cooperation at both technical and sales level which continues right through to the after-sale phase, in the form of a fast-moving highly-qualified technical support service.