Hardware : commercial PC, easy replacement, in case of failure with Windows® operating system.

22”Monitor mounted on adjustable console with keyboard and mouse support

The "Beamboard" software, powerful and intuitive, facilitates work with a graphical interface designed to help the operator in all phases, from design to cutting.

Manual cut mode: Cutting and movement of axes in manual mode

Automatic cut mode with the possibility of interrupting the work cycle to perform cuts in other cut modes and then resume cycle processing from the stopped step.

3D SIMULATOR – Support the operator through real-time visual aid of the cutting diagram during work and step-by-step guide for workpiece movement .

Execution of through and stopped grooves and housings

Execution of window cuts

Timed scoring unit infeed to avoid chipping panels which have already been edgebanded.

An unlimited number of cut lists can be stored and relative labels printout can be associated with each cut list.

Standard includes OPTIMUS BOARD OPTIMIZER, which manage up to 3 different sizes of panels of the same thickness and material without quantity limits, 40 different dimensions of elements for a total of 400 total items obtainable.

It is possible, among other things, to handle edges, extra production, and design cutting schemes respecting the grain of the wood.

Self-diagnosis: The program provides diagnosis of dysfunction and suggests resolution of the problem.

Teleservice: Allows the remote technical support to diagnose and troubleshoot anomalies. Included during the Warranty Period.